When winter comes around, you may be ready to purchase new tires. While you are at it, make the most of the deals that are available. The best way to do that is to buy before the season starts. The earlier you can get the tires, the more money you will save. You can also find out how much tread depth you need to have to avoid problems when you drive on wet and snowy roads.

Aside from the snow, you may encounter other driving hazards, including black ice and slippery roads. Having a vehicle that can handle the challenges of winter weather is essential. You'll want to ensure that the tires you select have a rubber compound that is flexible enough to withstand cold temperatures and still provide you with a solid grip. You can check the tread depth of your existing tires using a tread depth gauge.

You can also buy all-weather tires, which will give you a solid grip even in light and moderately wet weather. However, these tires are not the best choice for heavy ice or moderately to heavily snowed-in areas. In addition, all-weather tires usually offer shorter warranties. These tires are also not the best option for dry weather.

When shopping for winter tires, you'll want to choose a set that features a unique tread pattern. This design will help you to avert hydroplaning, which is dangerous in the cold. You will also need to make sure that the tires you choose are a good match for your vehicle. It's important to look for a tread pattern that has asymmetrical treads. These have two sets of tread blocks, so you can have a better grip on both dry and wet surfaces.

Another great feature of a winter tire is the sipes. These are small grooves that are cut into the tread blocks. They help to suck water out of the tire and increase the traction. They also allow the tread blocks to move, which is vital to braking and cornering.

You should also consider whether you need all-wheel drive. An all-wheel drive vehicle can help you to get out of a snowy driveway without slipping. You can also use chains to prevent skidding on snow. You may need to install additional wheels so that you can switch between your winter and all-season tires more easily.

If you need a new set of tires before winter, you can get them with financing. This method allows you to spread the payments over a number of months, making it easier for you to afford the tires. You can also receive rebates for purchasing them with financing. The expiration date of these rebates is typically between October and November. If you have any questions about your new set of tires, be sure to ask the tech at the tire dealer.

Buying a set of tires for your vehicle is not a simple task. Choosing the right tires depends on your driving habits and the features of your vehicle.

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